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Gymnast Profiles: Terin Humphrey

This Gymnast Profile is featuring 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist Terin Humphrey.

Full Name: Terin Marie Humphrey
Date of Birth: August 14, 1986
Birthplace: Saint Joseph, Missouri, USA
Hometown: Bates City, Missouri
Height: 5'0" or 152 cm
Club: Great American Gymnastics Express (GAGE)
Coaches: Al Fong and Armine Barutyan Fong
College Team: University of Alabama
Known For: Uneven Bars, Balance Beam, Artistry
                            Eponymous Skills: The Humphrey, on balance beam,  2 1/2 turn in tuck stand position with free leg horizontal, rated "E"

American Gymnast Terin Humphrey is most remember for her contribution to the US Olympic team's silver medal in Athens in 2004.  Beyond the Olympics, she had a successful career in the NCAA competing for the University of Alabama's gymnastics team before officially retiring in 2008.

Born in Missouri, she is the youngest child of Steve and Lisa Humphrey who already had one son, Shannon. Terin, trained by GAGE's Al and Armine Fong is known for those beautiful long lines and expressive choreography that seems to be a trademark of GAGE girls.
Terin made her debut on the USA Gymnastics scene as a junior in 1999 when she first joined the national team. In 2002, she traveled to Debrecen, Hungary for the world championships where she placed 9th on the vault and 11th on the floor exercise.

2003 was a different story. At the national championships that year, Terin placed 6th in the all-around and 5th on the uneven bars. Terin, along with Chellsie Memmel was an alternate to the World Championship team which was to be held in Anaheim, California that year. At the last minute, Terin and Chellsie were put on the team due to injuries from Annia Hatch and Courtney Kupets and a severe case of the flu from Ashley Postell. The team won the first even world championship gold medal for the United States and solidified Terin's place in the gymnastics world, contributing her unique floor routine.

The next year, after their win in Anaheim, the USA gymnasts were preparing for the upcoming Olympic Games which were being held in Athens that year. Terin improved on her standings from the previous year's national championships placing third in the all-around to secure a spot on the Olympic team. 

In Athens, the USA had their best result at an away from home championships, scoring a silver medal in the team final. Terin contributed a 9.587 on the uneven bars and a 9.487 on the balance beam. Individually, she won a silver medal on the uneven bars ahead of teammate Courtney Kupets with a 9.662.

In 2005, Terin left the world of elite gymnastics to attend the University of Alabama on a gymnastics scholarship.  In her freshman year at Alabama, Terin won an individual title on the uneven bars and helped Alabama win second at the NCAA National championships. She won the title again in 2006 after surgery on both her elbows. During her career at Alabama, Terin was a 10 Time All American on both the uneven bars and balance beam. She officially retired from gymnastics in 2008 after battling back injuries.

In her post-gymnastics life, Terin became a police officer in Raymore, Missouri, in May of 2010, following her older brother, Shannon's example. Which, apparently shocked many gymnastics fans, but she had no intention of going into coaching or owning a gym. She had an interest in becoming a police officer after watching NYPD Blue as a child. She had considered going into forensics and law enforcement but ultimately decided to attend the police academy. However, she's still involved in gymnastics in her own way. In 2012, Terin served as an "athlete representative" for USA Gymnastics and was invovled in the selection process for the USA Olympic team that later became the five girls known as the "Fierce Five".

Outside of gymnastics, Terin was also an accomplished horsewoman who was skilled in barrel racing.

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