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Kohei Uchimura training New "G" element - Quadruple twisting Double layo...

Kohei Uchimura is pretty much "Mr. Men's Gymnastics".

He wins almost everything and every male gymnast in the world, heck the galaxy, dreams of beating him one day. Sometimes, I wonder if they give him a gold for simply breathing in the arena. The person that manages to beat him at something is McKayla Maroney who does a higher Amanar (Shewfelt MAG) than he does. I wonder if he loses sleep at night with that fact?
If I could only do a higher Amanar than McKayla Maroney

This video has made it's way round the gymternet this fine Tuesday morning as I put off getting ready for work. This is Kohei on the high bar training a quadruple twisting double layout dismount (although I only count three twists but I digress). This is just ridiculous! Just when you thought Kohei couldn't be anymore unbeatable, he comes out with this.  In order to have it named for him, he'd have to compete it at a World Cup, Championship or Olympic Games. That would be the ultimate immortality for Kohei, having his name forever imbedded in the CoP.

Do you think he'll actually do it, or is it just a gymternet myth?

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