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Men's Qualifier: Danell Leyva Gets Top Scores

Results are in from the first day of the men's qualifier for the P&G Nationals next month.

2012 All-Around Bronze Medalist and all around cutie, Danell Leyva qualified in first for the senior guys in the all around.
Although, he has already qualified for the Nationals based on his Olympian status, but I guess it never hurts to remind the judges of awesomeness. He took the highest score on high bar with a 15.850.

John Orozco, who is still healing up from an ACL injury competed on four out of six events. He tied the top score of 15.100 on the still rings. He scored a 14.850 on high bar, 14.150 on pommel horse and a 13.650 on parallel bars.

Following is a list of senior men who have qualified to next month's P&G Nationals(thank goodness it wasn't the Tampax Nationals. That would have been a little embarrassing for the boys, haha) in order of rank from

  • Donnell Whittenburg, USOC/Baltimore, Md.
  • Joshua Dixon, USOC/San Jose, Calif.
  • Chris Turner, Stanford University/Fremont, Calif.
  • Steven Lacombe, University of California – Berkeley/Mission Viejo, Calif.
  • Sean Senters, Stanford/Center Valley, Pa.;
  • Luke Stannard, University of Illinois/Waukegan, Ill. 
  • Kanji Oyama, University of Oklahoma/Huntington Beach, Calif.
  • Matthew McGrath, University of Iowa/Wheaton, Ill.
  • Donothan Bailey, University of California – Berkeley/Lake Forest, Calif.
  • Mark Ringle, University of Nebraska-Lincoln/San Ramon, Calif.
  •  Kevin Baker, Stanford Boys Gymnastics/Union, Ky.
  • Robert Courter, William and Mary/Baton Rouge, La.
  •  Matthew Loochtan, University of Iowa/Hawthorn Woods, Ill.
  • Daniel Steiner, Ohio State University/Mesa, Ariz.

For full results and scores visit: USA Gymnastics: Leyva posts highest senior all-around score at 2013 National Qualifier

Senior Results

Junior Results

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