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Notes on Podium Training US Classics

With the US Secret Classic only a few hours away, the girls were putting on their dress rehearsal at the podium training.

Here are some quick notes based on information that I am receiving:

Brenna Dowell on uneven bars: that Tweddle release? Amazing and so high, I'm really looking forward to seeing her tomorrow. She's a second year senior and she seems to be finding her stride and her niche this year. This is what I've seen from the videos from the Karolyi Ranch and podium training today.

McKayla Maroney is training the same vaults she won the silver medal in London with, the Amanar, perfect as always and her Mustafina vault which again, perfect. But, what can you expect from McKayla? She is a world champion vaulter, after all and she does the Amanar better than the woman whom the fault is freakin named for.

Simone Biles. She is great. Does she even have a weak event? Supposedly, it's uneven bars and yes, it's not her highest scoring event, but she swings very well and her releases are very beautiful and she has such amplitude. During podium training, she was training a piked Tkatchev to Pak to handstand, Ray shoot to high bar and a full twisting double dismount. She took a step on the landing, but it was excellent. Of course, on vault, she trained, what else, the Amanar. Super high and super awesome.

Lexie Priessman, the latest Mary Lee Disciple. Her dance through on her floor exercise routine, beautiful. The music is so unique and the choreography is so awesome.  Her routine sells itself even just  with her doing fake tumbling runs (read: running from one diagonal corner of the floor to the other).

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