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Pro Gymnastics Challenge to Return to Television Audiences

The makers of the Pro Gymnastics Challenge announced yesterday via their Facebook page that the PGC is returning.

The event is said to return in the spring, although the event creators do not have a specific venue in mind just yet. More specific details will be posted at a later date.

The PGC was created by ESPN who created the X-Games in an attempt to make gymnastics more popular with a wider range of audiences.  One thing I do have to say is that  if Nastia Liukin returns for the sophomore PGC event, she's going to have to trademark her Nastia Hair Flip. While she's at it, maybe she should trademark "It was a Deltchev, NOT a GIENGER! IT'S A DELTCHEV!" ala Donald Trump, maybe with a little more success.

Deltchevgate 2013 has been shared 'round the gymternet and oh how awesome, there's even a GIF.

Nastia, it's time to start collecting some royalties! Will there be a Deltchevgate the sequel?

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