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Robot Gymnastics

Earlier today, I was at lunch waiting for my friend to join me. A click on the Twitter app on my phone brought me to this awesome tidbit.

Out of curiosity, I clicked on the video and I found the most awesome frickin thing ever! Or at least until I find something else that I can label as the most awesome, frickin thing ever. This is a little robot that does gymnastics. Today, the little guy does a quadruple tucked full off the Ken doll high bar. Okay, so it's really a pike, but the little guy can't bend his knees.

In this one, the little guy does a mini routine. He does a Kovacs to a Gaylord, a Hiniami, and then does a Tsukahara and then the guy does an Andrianov.

But, I guess the little guy's wicked gymnastics ability is mostly on high bar. Here, he does a back handspring series on the floor but falls on his landing. How sad.

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