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Scandal In Judging; I Smell E!'s Next Reality TV show

News broke this week about a scandal involving a rhythmic gymnastics judging class in Romania.

According to WRAL Sports Fans the FIG has stripped Maria Sysyzkowska of Poland of her judging duties and she's now banned from FIG events. This is due to "judging irregularities". Ok, sure...
Whatever, I'm not sure what is meant by "irregularities", unless they mean they were bribing someone to give a specific athlete a top score or they were making sex tapes ala Kim Kardashian. Well, not really, it's the former. Sysyzkowska and six other technical committee officials are banned from FIG competitions. But they can still train judges, but they can't oversee judging examinations.

Additionally, there were 56 judges who attended a training class in Bucharest, Romania, Moscow, and Alicante Spain in November and December. The problem was, they all did a little too well and there were bonus points and shit given when there shouldn't have been and the examinations were not held "anonymously", ok sure.

This is hilarious. I know it's serious, but someone's going to try to make money off this shit. This is the type of shit that E! loves to make reality TV shows out of. Maybe they already are and the producers fed them this shit to stir up drama.  Ok, so I'm making that up, but c'mon, this is pure reality TV gold here. E! needs to get on it right away!

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