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Simone Biles' Mythical Unicorn Like New Tumbling Skill

Simone Biles is just awesome.

She is what they call a gymnastics unicorn. She's a mythical creature that can do anything, much like the mythical unicorn, the horse with one horn that posses magical powers. Much like this mythical creature, Simone posses magical gymnastics powers.

Here's why...

This video on Gymnastike, shows Simone in training. She is training a triple twisting double back tuck. Now that is IN-FREAKING-SANE! What's amazing is she throws this skill like it's nothing, just another day in the gym for Simone just throwing triples and doubles all over the place.

Watch more video of 2013 Secret US Classic on

Simone will be competing this weekend in Chicago at the Secret Classic which is the women's qualifier for the P&G National Championships in August. It's only the first round of qualifications for the World Championship team, so it's doubtful that she would be letting showing all her cards at once. She already competes with the double double tuck or Silivas currently. Could this be named the Biles if she competes it at worlds, hat's assuming she's selected for the worlds' team).

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