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Aliya Mustafina Is Training the Triple Twisting Yurchenko

In an article on, Valentina Rodionenko, the head of the Russian Women's Gymnastics team, confirmed that Aliya Mustafina is training a triple twisting Yurchenko.

It's becoming very apparent that the TTY will be the Amanar of the last quad. Simone Biles is training the TTY, as evidenced by her recent episode of Gymnastike's "Beyond the Routine" series. McKayla Maroney is also rumored to be training it as well.  Aliya Mustafina's teammate, Tatiana Nabieva, was training the TTY in 2010, but never got it competition ready.

Of course, everyone remembers the 2011 European Championships where Aliya tore her anterior crucial ligament (ACL) on the vault during the all-around. Since then, Aliya has only been doing the double twisting yurchenko, which she is able to land without a problem. She hasn't been competing as heavily on the vault, favoring the less difficult vault perhaps to protect her knee.

Perhaps the triple will be a walk in the park for Aliya. Rodionenko said that Aliya had said the triple was easier for her than the 2.5. Perhaps the extra half twist and the removal of the blind landing makes it easier to train? Gymnastics fans around the world will have to hold their breath hoping Aliya doesn't injure herself again.

But for someone like Mustafina, injury was never going to slow her down for long. She came back and won two bronze medals and a gold in the 2012 Olympics along with a team silver. Aliya then went on and won the all-around title and another bars gold at the European Championships this past April and in June, won another two golds and a silver and a team gold at the University Games.

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