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Anna Pavlova, Tatiana Nabieva, Anastasia Grishina On The Roster For the Russian Cup

Today, the list of competitors for the Russian Cup, happening this weekend, in Penza was released on

Although big players like Aliya Mustafina, Ksenia Afanasyeva and Viktoria Komova will not be there, we will see some stellar gymnasts who don't always get as much time on the playing field.  Tatiana Nabieva, who won the silver medal at the University Games will be there, as well as Anastasia Grishina and Maria Paseka.

A veteran of the Russian gymnastics program, Anna Pavlova will be competing. Anna recently competed for Team World at the inaugural Pro-Gymnastics Challenge that aired on ESPN. Anna is such a beautiful gymnast and it's such a pleasure to watch her perform.

Here is the list of competitors:

Anna Pavlova

Nefedov Yuna

Chemareva Julia

Nekrasov Marina

Inshina Julia

Christina Kruglikova

Tipaeva Julia

Elizarova Daria

Yana Popova

Sidorova Kristina


Anna Rodionova

Mary Yoshkar-Ola Fedorov

Pauline Cheboksary

Bikmurzin Olga


Irina Andreeva

Elena Shcherbakova

Anastasia Grishina

Apiary Maria

Sosnitskaya Alla

Anastasia Marchuk

Tatiana Nabiyeva

Diana Ravdin

Anastasia Cheong

Ekatkerina Kramarenko

Lily Ahaimova

Alla Sidorenko

(I apologize if the quality of this list is not the best. Since I'm not lingual in Russian at all, I have to use Google Translate.)

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