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Breaking News: Chellsie Memmel Returns to Competion

Chellsie Memmel announced today that she is returning to the world of elite gymnastics. But there's a twist. She's returning to competition as a power tumbler.

Chellsie is going out for the national team for trampoline and tumbling with the ultimate goal of competing at the World Cup and then hopefully, go on to the World Championships this fall. She said this opportunity was presented to her "out of left field."

" I never imagined that at 25 years old I'd be working towards making another World team, much less on the Tumbling side of gymnastics, but I am and it feels great to be doing it!"
Per her Facebook page, Chellsie was approached by coach Justin Millerbernd who texted her to ask if she had a rod floor at her family's gym, M&M Gymnastics. When she replied no, he asked if it was a rod floor that she competed on at the Pro-Gymnastics Challenge. When Chellsie replied yes, he said that his hope was for Chellsie would be interested in competing power tumbling. This got her thinking.

My answer to Justin right away was, “that might be fun and tumbling is one of my favorite things to do.” But, I wasn't sure. I retired from artistic gymnastics in November and thought that was the end of my competitive career. And I am completely at peace and confident with that decision; I have absolutely no regrets. It was amazing and I am very proud of everything I've accomplished...but this got me thinking. So I casually mentioned something to my dad about tumbling (who has been my coach since I was 15), and he immediately said, "You should!"
She accepted the offer from USAG T&T on July 18.

Chellsie is the queen of comebacks. She first came back after her stint as an alternate on the 2004 Olympic team to become a world all around champion in 2005. In 2008, she returned to all around competition to earn a spot on the 2008 Olympic team. She returned again in 2011 only to be sidelined yet again with an injury. Chellsie's attempt at making the London team died at Classics with an unfortunate balance beam routine. After touring with the Kelloggs Gymnastics Tour of Champions, Chellsie Memmel officially retired in November of 2012.

Recently, Chellsie participated in the first ever Pro Gymnastics Challenge which aired on ESPN, where she showed off some impressive tumbling skills. She's also been seen on the sidelines of gymnastics competitions and has made appearances at the Karolyi Ranch as a breve judge. Personally, she's getting married to her fiance, Kory this fall.

Best if luck to Chellsie on her next adventure!

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