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Gabby Douglas Leaves Iowa for the Sunny Beaches of California

Gabby Douglas is no longer training with Chow, she has left Iowa to join her family in California.

The news was officially broken by the Des Moines Register today. It's been reported Gabby's family moved out to Los Angeles earlier this year to be closer to her brother, who is attending school there. Rumors were flying in Hartford over the weekend at the P&G National Championships. When confronted with the rumors, Gabby told the AP "Have I changed coaches? No...As far as I know I'm still at Chow's."

Chow's wife, Liwen Zhuang also known as "Li", told the Des Moines Register Gabby went in on Monday to say good-bye and Missy Parton, Gabby's host mother, said that she'd left Iowa on Tuesday

“She came over (Monday) and said goodbye to us,” Liwen said. “I didn’t ask her (the reasons). I did talk to her. She was a little upset. I guess that’s a family decision for her.”

Missy Parton said Gabby bonded with the family right away after moving in with them. Although, the Parton's think of the 17-year-old as another daughter, but they always knew it wouldn't last forever.

“She’s one of our family. We said all along, we’ve treated her as one of our own,” she said. “It’s hard to see her go, but we knew at some point, she wasn’t going to stay here forever."

The Gymnastics Examiner reported that it is rumored that Gabby will be training with Chris Waller, who is an associate head coach at UCLA and has worked with Mohini Bhardwarj and is going to be working with Jordyn Wieber as well. Chow has been credited with getting Gabby from unknown junior to an Olympic Champion in under two years. What will become of Gabby now remains to be seen.

Gabrielle Douglas no longer living, training in Iowa-
Gymnast Gabby Douglas changes gyms, heads for California - The Gymnastics Examiner

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