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Grishygate 2013- Justice for Anastasia

 In a series of unfortunate events, which will now be referred to as "Grishy Gate 2013", Anastasia Grishina seems to have become the scapegoat of the Russian gymnastics program. It all started with the complaint of back pain...

Earlier this week, the Russian Gymnastics Federation released a partial list of gymnasts going to Worlds at the end of September and said a fourth gymnast was yet to be decided. Notably absent was Anastasia Grishina, who pulled out of the Russian Cup just days before the competition complaining of back pain. It was later reported that she was suffering from a pinched nerve in her back. Valentina Rodinenko, the head mistress of the Russian Gymnastics Dynasty was quoted in an article saying she didn't like her "attitude". What attitude, the attitude of a teenager? The attitude of an adolescent girl ?

Of course, from an outsiders prospective, it seems like Anastasia is not high on this list of Rodinenko's favorites. I think Anastasia made a very mature decision. She listened to her body when it was telling her something was wrong, but I guess for that she deserves the shaft. Of course, this is the same woman who was quoted in saying Aliya Mustafina couldn't medal on anything except bars...and who came out with three individual medals? This is also the same woman who said that basically, the Russian success at the Euros wasn't good enough (I'm paraphrasing very heavily, so take that last statement with a grain of salt.

The latest on Grishy-gate 2013 is that Lidia Ivanova, who is a former Olympian, a senior judge and sometimes gymnastics commentator, said in an interview with,that Anastasia "lacks the ability to act" and basically screwed herself over and that she is partly to blame for the Russians losing the gold in London. She also said that she What a crap-tastic thing to say. That would be like the Marta Karolyi and the entire USA Gymnastics organization shunning Alicia Sacramone after her infamous fall off the balance beam, it was unfortunate, but shit happens and the only thing you can do is deal with it and move on. That's what it seems like Anastasia was trying to do anyways, move on. She did well at the European Championships, she brought home a gold medal at the Anadia World Cup for uneven bars.

More and more, this is starting to read like a bad reality TV show like the Real World or Keeping Up With Kardasians. If Rodieneko was a fame whoring "mom-a-ger" like Kris Jenner, and Anastasia is the Scott Disick. Scott is Kourtney Kardashian's boyfriend/baby daddy who always seems on the shit list for some reason or another, really probably because there wasn't enough ass kissing going on for Kris Jenner's preference.

If you want to read the lastest installment in the saga follow this link.

The Couch Gymnast has the Reader's Digest version of the earlier drama on the site.

Anyone want to start a Twitter campaign, hashtag "Justice for Grishy"? Any takers?

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