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It's Official: Alicia Sacramone is engaged.

After days of speculation, it is official, Alicia Sacramone is engaged.

Alicia officially confirmed on today's Gymcastic podcast her engagement to NFL quarterback Brady Quinn. Boston news reporter Dan Hausle posted an announcement about Alicia and Brady on July 20 via his Twitter account about the engagement:

Congratulations to Alicia and Brady! Alicia told the Gymcastic crew about the sweet proposal Brady arranged all without Alicia suspecting a thing. To get the full story, you can listen to this week's podcast. But it involves a "charity event" that he arranged. Alicia said she is working on wedding planning now, mostly trying to  find a venue and set a date that will work with both her and Brady's schedules.

Alicia has been dating Brady since 2007. He showed her his devotion by flying from Denver to Tokyo to be with her during her surgery after she ruptured her Achilles tendon. Alicia spent time in Denver, where Brady was the back-up quarterback for the Denver Broncos, while recovering from her injury. Brady will be playing for the Seattle Seahawks come this fall.

Alicia was the team captain for team USA at the 2008 Beijing Olympics where the team brought home a silver medal. After a brief retirement in 2009, she came back to competition to make the 2010 World Championship team and coming home with a team silver medal, a gold medal for the vault. In 2011, she was awarded the team gold medal even though she was out due to her Achilles injury. She holds a total of 10 world championship medals, making her the most decorated USA gymnast in the history of the world championships. Alicia came back in 2012, hoping to make the Olympic team going to London and had strong performances on beam and vault through Nationals and Trials, but ultimately did not make the team. She retired officially earlier this year.

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