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P&G Champs Day Two: Sam Mikulak Leads, Jake Dalton in Second

After the first day of competition for the men, Sam Mikulak  emerged the trimphant leader with Jake Dalton trailing behind in second.

Sam managed to secure his lead when he went on pommel horse, which is his best event and an Achillies heel for the USA men in general. Sam hit his routine with a clean, stylish routine that catapulted him to the top of the leader board after the third rotation. In doing so, Sam managed to break a streak of falls seen by many of USA's top men.

Elsewhere, Danell Leyva did not have a great first day. He started out on the floor exercise, and delivered a 15.1. Then, he moved to pommel horse, his weakest event and slid off and finished with a 13.350. He managed to deliver clean routines on the rings and vault, but the difficulty value was not high enough to move him. The comedy of errors continued when he fell on the parallel bars, his best event where he won gold in 2011. He picked himself back up at the high bar where he delivered a high flying routine, finishing with a double double layout and only having a small step on the landing. He received the third highest score with a 15.3.

John Orozco, who is still recovering from his ACL tear from the Kelloggs Tour of Champions, surprisingly decided to do the all-around after only competing four events at the Colorado Springs qualifier event. He tied for 8th in the all-around and had the highest score on high bar with a 15.6.

Stacey Ervin of Michigan had the third highest score on the floor with a 15.750 and Steven Legendre had the highest floor score with a 15.9.

Standings After Night One:
Sam Mikulak 91.650

Jake Dalton 88.700

Alex Naddour 87.900

Josh Dixon 87.450

Steve Legendre 87.100

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