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Sam Mikulak's Reaction to MyKayla Skinner's Double Double Layout on Floor

MyKayla Skinner wowed everyone when she showed off her double double layout for the first time at the Fiesta Bowl in February.

She caught the world's attention when she performed the double double at the Secret Classic. When she  did it at the P&G Championships and landed in bounds and stuck it, she sent a message saying "I'm a bad ass."

This picture popped up of men's all-around champ, Sam Mikulak watching MyKayla stick the double double on night two of the P&G Championships. The look on his face is priceless.

That's one epic pass to make the chill California boy's mouth hang open like that. MyKayla is hoping to have something in common with Sam, having a skill with her name on it in the code of points. Sam has a skill named for him on the pommel horse. The race is on for either MyKayla or Victoria Moors to compete the skill at Worlds and have it named for them.

Maybe they could call it the Skinner Moors?

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