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Keeping Up With the Round Lake Gymnasts

On this episode of Keeping Up with The Kardashians (aaahhem) Round Lake Gymnasts, a fan favorite returns and someone else is sick... again.

Rewriting Russian Gymnastics reports that Aliya Mustafina came down with a cold. Considering Viktoria Komova may or may not have had viral meningitis, I'd say a minor cold is good news. A little TLC and Princess Musty will be back to dominate at worlds.  Maybe she should invest in some Kick Ass Immune and some Emergen-C and get rid of that stuff.

Previously, it had been reported that Anna Dementeyva went home and was going to retire from elite gymnastics. This was around the time that Grishy-gate surfaced and I personally speculated that she wanted to get rid of all the drama and the bullshit with the Rodionenkos and the drama surrounding poor Grishy. Anna's alleged retirement was surprising because it hadn't seemed like she'd really done all she can with the sport. She was the all-around European Champion in 2011 after Aliya Mustafina famously busted her knee on that infamous Amanar.

Evgeny Grebyonkin, Russian head coach gave an interview and said Anna is training and she should be expected to be back on the scene next year. He said that she had been talking of retirement, but after her trip home, she's feeling the call of Gymnastics again. So maybe a change of scenery did her some good.


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