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New Elements Submitted to The FIG

There are new elements being submitted to the FIG today for addition to the code of points and to have the athlete's names forever synonymous with the skills.

Here are the elements being submitted:

This image isn't the clearest so I've listed the elements below:

Hong Un Jong    Round off flic layout salto backwards with 1080 degree turn (Yurchenko Triple)  Value 6.80

Uneven Bars
Simone Biles   Clear Hip Circle forward to handstand with 1/1 turn (Weiler Full)  Value E (sucks to be Jordyn Wieber now, doesn't it?)

Brenna Dowell Swing backward with flight to handstand with 180 degree turn. Value C

Shang Chunsong Clear hip circle to counter pike to hang on HB Value F

Balance Beam
Francesca Deagostini  Mount: Scissor leap over beam to sit. Value A

Krystyna Sankova  Mount: Jump to side of beam to chest stand with both arms bent. Value A

Sylvia Colussi-Pelaez  Aerial Cartwheel across the beam. Value E

Floor Exercise
Simone Biles    Double salto backward layout with 180 degree turn. Value G

Brenna Dowell Double pike salto forward. Value F

Victoria Moors Double salto backward stretched with 720 turn. Value I (.9)

Aliya Mustafina 3/1 turn with free leg held upward in 180 degree split throughout turn Value E

Ellie Black Double salto backward with 900 degree turn indirectly connected to stretched salto backward with 1080 turn.  Value D+E

Kysla, Miles, Shokey change leg ring leap with 180 degree turn. Value D.

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