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Quick Hits: Dutch Friendly and Chinese Nationals

This weekend saw the return of Sandra Izbasa at the Dutch Friendly meet this weekend while the Chinese Nationals got underway.

Making a splash in Alphen Aan Den Rijn was Diana Bulimar, who was sans her partner in crime, Larisa Iordache, who was undergoing treatment for some unknown medical ailment.

Diana took first in the all-around, floor exercise, balance beam and a bronze medal on uneven bars. Yes, that's correct, a Romanian gymnast medaled on the uneven bars. She does a nice clean routine with nice amplitude on her release skills, although not rife with difficulty.

British gymnasts, Ruby Harrold and Beckie Downie took first and second on the uneven bars. Both had great routines with great unique skills. Ruby does her vintage bars transition and Beckie (attempts) connects three Hindorff releases. She had an issue on the third Hindorff, missing the bar and face planting. But she composed herself and got back up and finished her routine.

The Netherlands Sanne Wevers took the bronze on the balance beam with a beautiful routine. She features her own original skill, a double L-turn and she connects a front aerial walkover to a side somi.

In China, Shang Chunsong qualified in first for the all-around ahead of veteran Yao Jinnan. She also qualified first on the floor exercise with a 16.1 start value. Yao Jinnan qualified in first on the uneven bars and Sui Lu qualified first for the beam final.

Yao Jinnan may have injured herself on the vault during qualifications. She was doing a double twisting Yurchenko vault and took a large step to the side and looked like she locked her knees on the landing. Needless to say, she limped off the podium looking like she was about to break down into tears.  Reports from around the gymternet say it may have been an old injury.

Here are the full qualification resutls from the Chinese Nationals:

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