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Sandra Izbasa Teases Retirement

Sandra Izbasa brought up the possibility of her retiring after the World Championships in Antwerp at the Romanian National Championships.

Sandra only competed on floor exercise at the Romanian nationals and scored a 15.1, an improvement over her score at last weekend's Dutch Friendly. Per, Sandra said she's not going to Antwerp to win a medal, but really just to do her routine. After Antwerp, Sandra said she wants to keep going to the gym, but without pressure.

“I’m so glad we were able to organize this competition at home," she said.  "It is a good test before the World Championships. All I want is to get there healthy, so I can adjust very well to the floor. I’m not going there with the goal to win a medal, but I want to do my routines  as I do at home, nothing more, nothing less. I still have details to put in place, I am aware but for now I am not taking risks. I have two more weeks to put everything in place. I said I will retire and that I will return later, but I found the support to be able to continue this year. I wished from my heart to compete at Worlds because I miss it since 2007, when it was my last Worlds. I want to do it for me simply to retire nicely, whatever the outcome. So I decided together with the coaches, was a tough decision, but you never know. I still keep my fitness, I will enter the gym, without pressure, to make the sport as a hobby, but I don’t think about Rio. I need a break to think it’s well deserved … ”

Sandra has brought up the possibility of retirement before after the London games. It seemed that she might retire and then the word was that she had returned to the gym and had made it a goal to compete at Worlds this year. So who knows what she decides to do in the future. It's safe to say that Sandra herself is just flying by the seat of her pants or her leotard so to speak.

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