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Training Videos!

More training videos are being posted by the hour. Gymnastike has posted several already and it's like feeding candy to a baby. We just want more!

Here are some of the videos:

1. McKayla Maroney Vault- Mac is training her signature Amanar and her Mustafina/Nabieva/Nabafina/Whatever vault and she sticks the crap out of it.

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2. Kyla Ross training on the uneven bars. She's beautiful and clean as always. But look in the background. She has a special spectator.

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3. Aliya Mustafina Floor Exercise - She's added some new skills and connections. Her first being a whip into a back handspring whip to a double arabian, and then she does a 1.5 twist to immediate punch front. Pretty cool. However, her twisting form is still tragic, unfortunately and she looks a little winded after her routine.

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4. Aliya Mustafina Bars. I think her tragic, twisting legs only happen on floor, her twisting is beautiful on the bars. This is the series she does: a stadler full+ toe-on-full twisting Shaposh (Seitz)+pak+stalder handstand. According to my very unofficial calculations, the connection is worth .30. Aaannnd the Mustafina is back.

Watch more video of 2013 World Championships on

5. Larisa Iordache training on beam showing a full on and a front aerial walkover to split leap, I think...

Watch more video of 2013 World Championships on

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