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Baby Aliya Mustafina in 2004

In 2004 before she was the Queen of the Russian elite gymnastics scene, Aliya Mustafina was a baby gymnast like everyone else.

Tumblr showed me this wonderful treasure of an adorable 9 year old Aliya Mustafina in 2004* at a meet in Tolyatti, Russia. She' s performing on the floor exercise. It's the same little Musty we've been used to seeing with her beautiful dance. This music is different from what we're used to seeing her perform to (dramatic, with big orchestral sequences). This is light and airy and the choreography is very fitting to the little gymnast.

Be prepared, this is incredibly cute, if you're the Grinch, your heart will grow twice it's size.

*Aliya's birthday is September 30, 1994

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