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Catalina Ponor Talks Designing Leotards and the Possibility of a 2016 Rio Comeback

Catalina Ponor can never seem to really pull herself away from the sport of gymnastics.

After the London Olympics, Catalina said she was officially retiring, she was done, end of story, finito, au revoir, sayonara, yeah you get the picture.  In May, Catalina graced us with her presence during the inaugural Pro-Gymnastics Challenge on ESPN.

She recently gave an interview with Italian website Olimpiazzurra where she talks about her gymnastics career and what she's been up to these days. Currently, Catalina is staying involved in the sport of gymanstics by bringing her unique fashion sense in a partnership with French fitness clothing company, Domyos to design leotards and fitness wear for young athletes.

"I’m going to design leotards and shoes for gymnastics. I’m going to help Domyos produce innovative products with affordable prices. I’m going to focus both on products for 'experts' and for the younger people, those who less time have spent in the sport. I really like this project."

She is asked what her favorite leotard she's ever worn and she responded enthusiastically saying that her favorite was the one she wore when she won her gold medals in Athens. In addition to designing leotards, she's been doing a little bit of coaching in Constanta, her hometown.

When asked if she would consider returning for another Olympics she said:

"All is possible, although I will be old, already 29 (laughs). But it’s so hard to stop…..but at the moment no."

 Just a personal note: Catalina, honey, seriously, if Oksana Chusovitina can still do the sport at 38, you can certainly still do it at 29 and 29 is not old.

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