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Favorite Routines: Vasiliki Millousi, Floor Exercise

At 29, Vasiliki is the ultimate gymnastics unicorn, a beautiful, mythical creature that people talk about in legend but never see.

Vasiliki put the woman in women's gymnastics during the World Championships in Antwerp, Belgium.
During her floor exercise, she managed to do what many people talk about, but few do. She combined artistry with beautiful performance. It starts from the beginning, she connects with the audience with her eyes, she sells it. What I love is that she doesn't stand in the corner for about 10,000 years before doing her tumbling passes. No slacking on the dance from her!

She oozes confidence and sensuality in this routine and she just draws you in. My dream is to see more gymnastics unicorns like Vasiliki stay in the sport through their twenties (and if you're Chusovitina, into your thirties!).  The sport is women's gymnastics after all. Plus, how bad ass is it that she is a four time olympian!

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