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Kyla Ross's Beautiful Bars Technique

This photo edit shows Kyla Ross's beautifully executed Maloney half on the uneven bars during the event finals at the World Championships in Antwerp.

Kyla received the silver medal for the uneven bars, the balance beam and the all around. She and Kohei Uchimura were awarded with the Longienes Prize for Elegance (and along with the beautiful watch and trophy, she received a congratulatory kiss on the cheek from Philip Boy, swoon).

This really is poetry in motion.

via Kyla Ross Appreciation
Kyla is often criticized for not having enough difficulty in her routines. In her defense, she has upgraded and in my opinion, she's doing it the right way. She's building on her routines slowly and therefore, avoiding burnout and injury. Plus, she's making sure every skill is done right the first time.

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