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New Elements in the FIG Code of Points (Complete With GIFS)

Today, the FIG officially announced the skills that have been added to the 2013-16 Code of Points.

There are a total of seven new elements ranging from an A to an I rating. For the skill to be named for them, the athlete would have needed to perform the element successfully in competition (without a fall) and the element would need a "C" or higher rating.

Imagine my delight when upon checking my email during my lunch break, I find a glorious announcement from the FIG about the new elements in the code of points.

Oh happy day.

Here are the elements submitted that have been approved:

FIG Rating
Shang Chunsong
Uneven Bars
Piked Hindorff (clear hip circle to reverse hecht in pike position)

Francesca Deagostini
Balance Beam
Scissor Leap over beam to cross sit on thigh
A (Will not be named)
Krystyna Sankova
Balance Beam
Stand at side of beam and jump to chest stand with both arms bent
A (Will not be named)
Silvia Colussi Pelaez
Balance Beam
Free Aerial cartwheel in cross position
Simone Biles
Floor Exercise
Double salto backward stretched with ½ turn out

Angelina Kysla
Krystyna Sankova
Gaelle Mys
Farida Shokry
Floor Exercise
Switch leap to ring position with ½ turn
D (Will not be named since more than one gymnast performed the element successfully)
Victoria Moors
Floor Exercise
Double salto backward stretched with 2/1 twist

Notably absent are the mysterious triple twisting Yurchenko which Hong Un Hong submitted, but never actually performed anywhere at any time during Worlds, Brenna Dowell's double front pike (le sigh), Aliya Mustafina's triple Memmel turn and the Weiler full on the uneven bars submitted by Simone Biles (there's hope for you yet, Jordyn Wieber!).

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