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Simone Biles; USA Gymnastics and Italian Federation Work to Move Past Ferlito Gate

The Italian Gymanstics Federation offered an official statement in regards to the hot water Carlotta Ferlito put herself and USA Gymnast, Simone Biles in with some nasty and racist comments.

"The Italian Gymnastics Federation took note of apology via Twitter of his tesserata , Carlotta Ferlito , regarding some statements made at the end of the General Competition of the 44th edition of the World Championships of Artistic Gymnastics . Statements that , knowing , the moral qualities of the athlete Sicilian could only have been misunderstood. Nevertheless President Richard Agabio take this opportunity to strongly condemn and distance themselves from all forms of racism and discrimination , which are not part of the history and culture of the Italian Gymnastics."
USA Gymnastics President, Steve Penny said he'd been in contact with Richard Agabio, President of the Italian Gymnastics Federation and the Biles family and they consider the matter closed. Agabio said in his statement that they did not want to jeapordize the friendly releationship between USA Gymnastics and the Italian Gymnastics Federation.

Simone's parents, Ron and Nellie told USA Today they felt that Carlotta's comment was out of line and that it did bother Simone. Nellie said she had a talk with Simone and told her not to get roped into it.

"I told her, 'Don't get roped into this' and, 'Don't let those comments ruin this moment for you. Just be proud of your performance and outcome.' People are entitled to their opinion. For her to go into this racism stuff is pointless, and she's not going to address it."

WOGymnastike Official Translation
USA Today: Race remark 'out of line,' parent of world champ says
Federazion Ginnastica d'Italia

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