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What's This? Why It's More Baby Aliya Mustafina!

Oh the gymternet never ceases to entertain me. Just when I discovered Baby Aliya Mustafina on the floor exercise, I discover more baby Musty! Oh happy day!

She's too cute. This is her on the balance beam and I am assuming it's the same meet as the previous post with her on the floor exercise.
She had issues with the beam even back then. But she still had that fighting spirit that makes her so great. Little Aliya has a little fight with the balance beam. She falls off four times by my count and on her first fall, it looks like she crotched the beam because when she turns to get back on the beam, she's rubbing the inside of her thigh. Little Aliya, the fighter get's her butt right back up on that beam and she continues the routine until she finishes it. She's showing those beautiful lines she's known for.

The next video I found is of her on the uneven bars. Still a rough start as she falls right off of the bat. Both times on pirouetting elements on the low bar which she seems to be a master at now. Even at 9, her lines are impeccable and her toe point is beautiful. She's so tiny she has to jump off of the low bar to get to the high bar. Definitely not a problem now as a grown woman at 5'4" or 163 cm.

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