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Al Fong Let's Out His Inner Gym Nerd

While he was with Brenna at the World Championships in Antwerp, Al Fong got a chance to scope out the competition. Or as some people might call it, creeping. Al Fong comes right out and just says it, he was snooping.
Al Fong (L) with 2012 Olympic Alternate, Sarah Finnegan and his wife, Armine Barutyan Fong

While being a double operative, Al scoped out a beam routine that he quite enjoyed. A beam routine by a certain Sanne Wevers of the Netherlands.

Straight from the horses mouth:

"Coaches around the world identify talented gymnasts and place them in accelerated programs at an early age to start their formal training. Planning for the future is paramount to designing the right program to develop strength, body alignment, flexibility, air sense, and dance skills. Every country has its own system to accomplish this. Some systems are better than others, as is evident in international competitions. But regardless of the overall placement in world standings there's always a gymnast out there who knocks my socks off by doing something unique.

This young lady did exactly that while I was snooping around in the training halls at Worlds this year. You can be sure I shared these videos with my gymnasts. Now I'm sharing them with you."

The first video of Sanne:

Sanne's turns, which Mr. Fong cannot get enough of:

Here is the complete routine (Osijek Cup routine, not her unfortunate one at Worlds. Breaks my heart just thinking about that one).

For more of Al Fong's insight on gymnastics, his gymnasts or just random musings on life, visit his blog at Ask Al Fong -

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