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Favorite Routines: Sanne Wevers; Balance Beam

I thought I had featured this routine a long time ago, but apparently, I did not. So I am featuring it now.

This is Sanne Wevers' gold medal winning balance beam routine from the Osijek Cup back in September. Her routine is probably the most unique beam routine of the quad so far. Sanne knows what her strengths are and she uses the code to her advantage with connections of front aerials, side aerials, double turns and twisting elements.

What's great about this routine is she actually makes her connections, meaning she doesn't take a half second to pause before going into the next skill, she actually steps out or rebounds into the next skill immediately. While she's not doing power tumbling on the beam, ala the entire Romanian or USA gymnastics team, she is getting bumps in difficulty with these beautiful connections of turns, leaps, acro elements. This is just beautiful.

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