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Jordyn Wieber: World Champion, College Freshman

Jordyn Wieber has lived several different lives in her 18 years.

Most notably, her 2011 World Championship win and her contribution team USA during the London Olympics as a part of the "Fierce Five." Her stellar resume includes three American Cup championship wins and countless other medals and awards.
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These days, Jordyn is doing what many young men and women her age are doing and striking out on her own as a college freshman at the University of California in Los Angeles. She talked to USA Gymnastics earlier this week about her experiences as a college freshman and being recognized in the dining hall of all places.

For Jordyn, this is the first time in her young life that she's lived away from her parents, not unlike many college students. Jordyn is also away from her "other" parents, her coaches, John Geddert and his wife, Kathryn.

"I was with John for 14 or 15 years in my gymnastics career, so it's definitely a big change," Jordyn said. "I still keep in touch with John, and every time I go home, I stop in and visit and workout there a couple of days. We still have a really good relationship, which was what I always wanted. I still get feedback from him sometimes."

Jordyn serves as the team manager for the UCLA Bruins gymnastics team. Since she went "pro" by accepting sponsorship money and prize money, Jordyn forfeited her NCAA eligibility and cannot compete with the UCLA Bruins. She trains separate from the team with Chris Waller, UCLA associate coach, who is a fellow Olympian like Jordyn. She'll train in the mornings for a couple of hours before the team gets there.

"Working with Chris has been really great, too," Wieber said. "He's an amazing coach. He does a great job with this team and also coaching me. It's been good so far."

As for what her future holds, Jordyn is looking to get back on the USAG training camp circuit next year.  She's decided to attend UCLA for a year and after that she will decide whether to stay or go back home to Michigan next fall. Her ultimate goal is to make the team going to Rio in 2016.

In the meantime, Jordyn is enjoying life as a college student, bonding with her roommate, Peng Peng Lee, who was the honorary team captain to the Canadian Olympic team following her ACL injury. 

"It's really awesome to be roommates with Peng because we're both kind of in the same situation," said Wieber. "We both want to shoot for the 2016 Olympics. We have similar personalities and goals."

She's not decided on a major yet but she's thinking about majoring in Psychology.

To read the full article visit USA Gymnastics website.

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