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Ksenia Semenova on Floor Exercise GIFs

A GIF set of Russian Gymnast Ksenia Semenova surfaced on the gymternet today.

The GIF is from a floor exercise routine of Ksenia's from way back when. And by way back when, I mean I have no idea when this routine happened. She looks a little older so I'm assuming it's sometime between 2009 -2010.

She's wearing a red leotard which stands out against her fair skin and blond hair and she looks like she's trying to play the part of a sexy siren. Ksenia's dance sequence is beautiful and in the next GIF image, she does a 2 1/2 to a front 1 1/2 into a stag jump that is so high and proud that I am developing the theory that she just studied by watching Bambi.

Presenting the princess of the forest:

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