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McKayla Maroney Dynamite?

The ever hilarious McKayla Maroney posted a photo on Instagram today of her beginning pose for her floor routine.

McKayla, the mistress of social media has mastered her sarcastic witty personality into her random Vine videos, Instagram photos and tweets. Many of which she's staving off torture from her little brother, Kav. Or she's torturing him and vis versa.

McKayla posted the photo juxtaposing herself with the popular cult movie, Napoleon Dynamite. The scene is from the beginning of the movie when Napoleon is performing a song with his sign language club, "the Happy Hands Club".

Ha! So now that we know McKayla has excellent taste in movies. Might I suggest another possible floor routine for her?

Wonder what the judges would think of that routine.

Vote for McKayla and she'll make all your wildest dreams come true.

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