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Simone Biles Talks About Her Surgery and Upgrading her Routines

What has Simone Biles been doing since her world championship win in Antwerp?

To answer that question, the FIG recently caught up with Simone Biles and her coach, Amy Boorman nearly two months after her world championship win in Antwerp. She and Amy told the FIG she's just back to training again after having surgery to remove bone spurs from her ankle.

"The day after surgery I was back in the gym, just doing a lot of conditioning and rehab for my ankle," Biles, 16, said earlier this month. "They wanted me to start moving it right away, so I did a lot of that. Then this week starting yesterday, I'm allowed to tumble now on the tramp, so I've been doing that."
After celebrating in Antwerp and with her family back home in Spring, Texas, the world champion is looking toward the future and working on upgrading her routines on all four events. On floor exercise, she will have a new routine choreographed by Dominic Zito, who choreographed Jordyn Wieber's floor routine and helped choreograph Kyla Ross's floor routine.

"There are some things to be improved there have always been people that have picked on her knees and her feet, her artistry and stuff like that. And I think she put a lot of that to rest to some degree at Worlds, but we do know that next year will be a little bit more intense...I wasn't any more nervous going to Worlds because we just treated it as another competition. Next year may feel a little bit different because we know that she's going to be going into Worlds trying to defend a title." Amy Boorman
Videos of Simone playing around with new tricks have made the rounds through the gymternet. One in particular, showed Simone attempting a standing double tuck. But it did not impress Amy very much.

"She did that while I wasn't there," Boorman said. "I don't know where I was. I was at a competition or on vacation or something, and I saw the video of that online, I think the same time everybody else saw that. I was not happy." "No, she wasn't," the new World champion added. 

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