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The Roots of Team USA and Hot Pink

Back when she was on the competition floor as a gymnast, Kim Zmeskal was coached by legendary gymnastics coaches, Bela and Marta Karolyi, whom you might know as the national team coordinator for the women's team at USA Gymnastics.

Marta is the woman who picks the team that goes to international competitions and she picks their competition couture, which, more often than not tends to be hot pink. As Gymnastike tells us, that's because her favorite colors are pink and purple. That and she wants Team USA to stand out on the competition floor (by blinding their competitors).

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Today, Kim did some digging in her closet and found old leotards from her early competition days. Marta styled using hot pink even way back then.

Fascinating. The strategy back then was still to blind the competition. Of course, this is my own personal observation. I don't recall Dominique Moceanu or Mary Lou Retton ever wearing hot pink. Time for a hot pink intervention, Marta.

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