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FIG's New Floor Rules

Just in time for Christmas, the FIG has made some interesting changes to the floor rules. Good, bad and ugly.

The FIG released their monthly newsletter for december showing the new floor rules. For some reason, I cannot access the PDF so I've had to gather my information on the Gymternet. Below is a list of the rule changes.

  • Athletes must start their routines with choreography as opposed to going straight into a tumbling pass.
  •  Back-to-back tumbling passes along the same diagonal are not allowed, they will have to dance and move to the other diagonal after each tumbling pass.  However, the one long acro line is allowed.
  • Gymnasts are only allowed to stand on two feet in one corner. 
  • Gymnasts have to do arm movements and/or large body movements going into the corners. 

Since I am not able to access the PDF file, I am including a post from GymCastic's Facebook page with a link to the file if you would like to check it out for yourself.

Here is a good visual reference (again, thank GymCastic). This is Ellie Black of Canada during the University Games. This is a very well constructed routine and it's visually very interesting. She does have that stupid flamingo stand, but in her defense, she appears to be doing it as a part of the choreography leading to the tumbling pass rather than waving her arms for a half second then flamingo pose then tumbling.

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