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Gymternet Story Time: USA Gymnastics

Here's a gymternet story book about the little gymnastics federation that could, aka USA Gymnastics.

Featuring Mary Lou Retton, Shannon Miller, Dominique Dawes, Carly Patterson, Chellsie Memmel and more. Lots of funny, ad lib commentary, guaranteed to give you a good laugh bright and early this Monday morning. All the credit is to Jordynslefteyebrow on Tumblr.

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Maddie Desch Retires From Elite

Yesterday, US gymnast Maddie Desch announced her retirement from elite gymnastics via her Instagram account.

Maddie, who trains at Great American Gymnastics Express, aka "GAGE" explained she came to the decision to retire due to a nagging injury that prevented her from training at the elite level.

Maddie Gardiner's Glorious Beam Series

I love NCAA gymnastics.

A Unique Beam Mount from Olivia Cimpian

Olivia Cimpian of Romania showed off a unique beam mount series at Elite Massalia in France.

Romania is historically a team that is proficient on beam and Olivia, a junior is no exception.