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Help Save Temple University's Men's Gymnastics Team

In hard economic times, there are bound to be casualties.

The men's gymnastics program at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania could become one of those casualties. Budget cuts are rampant in higher education and no one is safe. Temple University's board of trustees has decided to cut funding to seven sports, two women's and five men's, including men's gymnastics. A sad reality in a time of hard economic circumstances and a decline in the number of NCAA men's gymnastics programs.

There is a petition to the Temple Board of Trustees to help save the men. The goal is 10,000 signatures and as of today (December 10, 2013), they have 8,354 signatures. I'm posting the site where you can sign. Sign your name and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, email it to your colleagues at work, your classmates, everyone you know.

More information: "A hard fall for Temple Gymnasts and Coach"

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