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More Aliya Mustafina on Beam in Stuttgart

More beam work from the glorious Aliya Mustafina in Stuttgart this weekend.

This is her during the team final at the DTB Cup where team Russia took second place. She's added a back-handspring to the end of her forward aerial walk over series giving her a .1 boost on the end of that connection. She does connect her Sissone to a side somi for another .1. Aliya does loose some connection bonus for her switch half - Onodi series, but she connects it to a double turn for .2. The routine is still a little rough around the edges, but there is still time to improve the consistency.

Just for fun, this is what I've determined to be her potential start value.

Wolf Jump (A) + Sissone (A) + Side Somi (D) CV = .1
Switch 1/2 (D) + Onodi (D) + Double Turn (D) CV  = .4 *
Forward Aerial Walkover (D) + Forward Aerial Walkover (D) + Back Handspring (B) CV = .2
Aerial Cartwheel (D)
Switch Ring (E)
Round off (B) + Double Back (D)

*Proposed CV, not actually credited.

Top 8 Skills:
Acro: D, D, D, D, D
Dance: E, D, D

.5 +.4 +.4+.4 +.4 +.4+.4+.4 = 3.3

Composition Requirements:
Connection of Dance Elements  .5
Turn with at least 360 degrees    .5
Acro Series with 2+ Elements    .5
Acro Elements All Directions    .5
D or Higher Dismount               .5
                                   Total =   2.5           

Connection Bonus
A+D = .1
D+D = .4*
D+D+B = .2 (CV .1 + Series Bonus .1)
Total CV = .7

Total Proposed Start Value = 6.5

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