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Roxana Popa Plays a Gymternet Prank

Spanish Gymnast Roxana Popa took the time to unwind after the Christmas holiday by playing a prank on her fans.

Earlier today, she posted to her Twitter account that she was retiring.

Translation: I want to thank everyone for their support after this great year, while announcing my retirement. Thanks for being there!!

Soon after, Roxana's Twitter account is drowned with comments from loyal fans confused and upset by her announcement, but solemnly accepting her announcement in the wake of recent retirement announcements by other gymternet favorites, Rie Tanaka of Japan and Tatiana Nabieva of Russia. After tears were shed and hearts broken world wide and WO Gymnastike wrote up an article on her retirement, Roxana let the cat out of the bag so to speak.

The gymternet then collectively breathed a sigh of relief, once they all got over their shock and somewhere, in Spain, Roxana sits behind her computer screen grinning that cheeky little grin of hers after a successful prank.

Cheers to Roxana Popa, the greatest gymternet prankster ever.

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