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Tatiana Nabieva is Retiring

Sad news this holiday season, Russian gymnast Tatiana Nabieva has decided to call it quits on the sport of gymnastics.

According to Russian Gymnastics Facebook, Tatiana announced her impending retirement via her Instagram account. This is what she had to say:

“Thanks to my coaches for this. They took me out of children garden, they did my homework with me, they brought me up and cheered me up when I felt bad. They didn’t let me fell to the bottom and took me out of there. Big thanks to my coaches Kiryashovim A.V and V.I. You’re my mother and father! I love you! "

It's certainly heartbreaking, but not entirely surprising. After dealing with injuries, she was named as an alternate to the 2012 Olympic team. But it seemed like 2013 would be a great year for Tatiana, aka Tanya. She  competed with Russia at the University Games in Kazan, bringing home a team gold medal and an individual silver medal on the uneven bars.

She dominated at the Russian Cup, taking the all-around title and then was named to the Worlds team going to Antwerp. Then, Antwerp turned out to be a comedy of errors. During podium training, Tanya hit her head while training a floor routine and wound up only competing on vault and bars. She didn't make the vault final but she was first reserve for the uneven bars final.

But, as we know from Chellsie Memmel's recent announcement, retiring doesn't always mean athletes are done with the sport completely. There is other disciplines in the sport of gymnastics that allow athletes to continue competing without the stress that artistic gymnastics puts on their bodies. Tanya recently posted this video of herself playing around with an acro gymnast.

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