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Favorite Routines: Yvonne Tousek; Floor Exercise.

For this edition of Favorite Routines, I am featuring Canadian gymnast, Yvonne Tousek's floor exercise.

There has been quite a discussion of artistry lately all over the gymternet. Artistry in gymnastics is as subjective as one's taste in music, visual art, television shows and movies. Everyone has a different definition of "artistry" and what it means to them. For myself, I define artistry as a routine that is graceful, engaging and interesting.
Engaging means it has to grab my attention. My ADHD riddled brain has been cursed with this short attention span. I have learned to use it to my advantage. If I start tuning out and focusing my attention elsewhere 15 seconds into a routine, then for me, it doesn't meet the artistic component.

This routine by Yvonne is weird and crazy and yet beautiful and engaging all at the same time. Yvonne was a two time Olympian in Atlanta 1996 and Sydney 2000. She also had an illustrious college career under Miss Val at UCLA and went on to perform in Cirque Du Solei. Yvonne was coached by Elvira Saadi, who is a former gymnast for the Soviet Union and a coach to a young Victoria Moors, Maddie Gardiner and others. Saadi herself was a very unique and interesting athlete and she seems to produce the same qualities in the athletes she coaches.

Yvonne's dance is in a category by itself. I guess you could call it "interpretive" dance or whatever. She dances just as hard as she tumbles. The result is just dynamic, weird, ugly and beautiful and artistic.

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