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Larisa Iordache, Roxana Popa and Fabian Hambuchen Announced for American Cup

The rest of the American Cup field has been announced.

Rounding out the field for the women are Larisa Iordache of Romania, who won the bronze medal on the floor exercise at the world championships in Antwerp. Also attending, Roxana Popa of Spain, who won the all-around title at the Mexican Open in November. Vanessa Ferrari, floor silver medalist will make a repeat appearance and coming with her will be Carlotta Ferlito. Victoria Moors, who took third place at last year's event will also be competing.

Representing the boys, Mr. Adorable, Fabian Hambuechen will be in attendance and filling out the American spots, John Orozco who won the bronze medal on the parallel bars.

The complete lists of attendees is below.

    Belarus - Andrey Likhovitskiy
    Brazil - Sergio Sasaki Junior
    Germany - Fabian Hambuechen
    Great Britain - Daniel Purvis
    Great Britain - Max Whitlock
    Japan - Shogo Nonomura
    Spain - Fabian Gonzalez
    USA - Sam Mikulak
    USA - John Orozco
    Canada - Victoria Moors
    Italy - Carlotta Ferlito
    Italy - Vanessa Ferrari
    Romania - Larisa Andrea Iordache
    Spain - Roxana Popa Nedelcu
    Switzerland - Giulia Steingruber
    USA - Simone Biles
    USA - Kyla Ross
The American Cup is being held Saturday, March 1in Greensboro, North Carolina. To purchase tickets, visit USA Gymnastics or Ticketmaster.

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