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Viktoria Komova On Her Illness, Injuries and Growth Spurts and Her comeback

Recently, Viktoria Komova sat down with VTB Russia and talked about her injuries that kept her out of competition and her potential return this year.

Vika told VTB that she is back to training, although she is not competition ready yet. Her bout with meningitis kept her in the hospital for three weeks and after that, she couldn't really return to training as she suffered from dizzy spells. For treatment, Vika underwent a lumbar puncture and as a result, she couldn't stand up straight.

 "After the puncture of the spinal cord [I had a] very bad back -I could not really bend or straighten . Besides, ache a little more and head. So after weeks of fruitless attempts to get in shape had to go back to the hospital."

When asked if she felt pressure from her coaches to get back after her illness, she said no. When she felt dizzy, the coaches immediately "benched" her so to say and gradually worked her back up into full training. 

Training has become a different animal as Viktoria admitted she's grown and put on weight since the Olympics. She didn't give any specifics, but she indicated she is more focused on her training than before. She communicates with gymnast friends she's made around the world, specifically the Japanese and German girls. They communicate online, sharing training tips and providing emotional support.

Even if she's not working full routines, Vika teased that she is working on new elements she hopes to submit to the FIG for approval.

"[W]e came up with it together with the coach. Also on the uneven bars. But now, for him , unfortunately, are too small premium . So while we do not want to show it to the public .

- Do not work or do not want to show?

- No, he's already worked out , do it on the high bars. But now only show for it began to repeat others, does not make sense .[sic] Will submit the documents to the International Federation of Gymnastics . If there [the element is approved] , I will begin to perform at the event. Not approved - I will not."

Viktoria admitted that her goals have changed. She is no longer trying to be the next Svetlana Khorkina, but she does want to beat her mom's records.

But the $65,000 question, when is Vika's grand return to the gymnastics stage? She said her goal is to return in March or April and compete at the Russian Championships, from there, hopefully she will compete for Russia at the European Championships in May.

source: Komova. reboot

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