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Breaking American Cup News: Simone Biles Out; Brenna Dowell In

Simone Biles has withdrawn from the American Cup field, according to USA Gymnastics.

Per USAG, Simone had been nursing a shoulder injury had aggravated it at the National Team camp this week.
Brenna Dowell has stepped in to replace Simone. Romania's Larisa Iordache has also withdrawn due to injury and it doesn't appear that the Romanian gymnastics federation is sending a replacement.

Brenna was selected for the team going to Antwerp, but as it was an individual only worlds an Brenna ultimately wound up being the alternate. Fans were rabid. Tears were shed, and there was much pleading to let Brenna compete by her loyal supporters. Brenna handled the situation with such grace and maturity and told Arabian Punch Front she's moved on.

Originally, the USA was sending Kyla Ross and Simone Biles to the American Cup. Kyla withdrew due to injury and was replaced by Elizabeth Price. The boys have stayed constant, sending Mr. USA Gymnastics, Sam Mikulak and parallel bars bronze medalist, John Orozco.

Here is the FINAL final American Cup Roster:

Canada - Victoria MoorsGermany - Sophie SchederItaly - Carlotta FerlitoItaly - Vanessa FerrariSpain - Roxana Popa NedelcuSwitzerland - Giulia SteingruberUSA - Brenna DowellUSA - Elizabeth Price

Belarus - Andrey Likhovitskiy
Brazil - Sergio Sasaki Junior
Germany - Fabian Hambuechen
Great Britain - Sam Oldham
Great Britain - Daniel Purvis
Japan - Shogo Nonomura
Spain - Fabian Gonzalez
USA - Sam Mikulak
USA - John Orozco, Bronx

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