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Bailie Key's New Floor Routine From Jesolo

This past weekend at the Jesolo Trophy,  USA junior Bailie Key reinvented herself with a new floor routine.

 Bailie's reinventing herself one floor routine at a time, much like Madonna, just with gymnastics.
 She's performing to Lindsey Stirling's "Crystalize" which has a very classical sound mixed with more modern electronic and techno sounds with driving beat. Bailie's tumbling is fantastic and her dance is sharp. She opens with a crisp double arabian to stag jump and then dances into a beautiful Memmel turn. Her second pass is a one and a half step out to triple twist, and she finishes with a clean double back.

Great new routine for Bailie. I wonder if this is her going "electric" ala Bob Dylan, with gymnastics... Wonder what her next re-invention will be. Whatever she does next, I just want her to keep pace for Rio in 2016.

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