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Catherine Lyons on the Beam at The English Championships

British Junior, Catherine Lyons debuted a "thriller" of a new beam routine at the English Championships.

She starts off with a wicked jump split mount. She does a beautiful forward aerial to sheep jump (D+D CV 0.20). Definitely a combination that has been done before, but Catherine moves with such confidence in her dance and her movement. That's why Catherine is so delightful to watch. She doesn't sit there and do a turn prep for 10 million years. She does a beautiful needle scale into a single Memmel turn. She dances into her skills instead of doing pause skill, pause skill.

The best part is at the 1:19 mark, Catherine channels Michael Jackson's moonwalk debut in the video for "Billie Jean." her only flaw is she takes a large step on the landing of her 2 1/2 dismount. She transcends this routine into a performance. Bravo, Catherine. She earned an excellent 14.450 for this routine.

For reference, I have included a GIF of Michael Jackson doing his moonwalk to a triple turn at the 1983 television special Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever. And as another side note, if Catherine put that in her floor routine, it would be epic.

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