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Doha World Cup Day 2: Larisa Iordache Brings It and the Return of Diana Bulimar

On the final day of the Doha World Cup, Larisa Iordache went into complete beast mode and won the balance beam and floor exercise titles, giving her gold medals on (almost) every event.

On the beam, Larisa won with a 14.850, she didn't do her two fulls, but she does have the standard back-handspring full combo. She's looking as confident as ever, like she's ready to take over the world right now, thank-you-very-much.  Her routine is still a little raw, she has a wobble on her Y-scale turn and she does what is supposed to be a two foot layout, which she lands okay, but it's not that open hip and shoulder position and she slightly under-rotates her triple twist dismount. But overall, a good routine for Larisa's first appearance on the competition floor this year.

Larisa then went to floor and took the title with a 14.450, opening with a piked full-in and then throwing tucked full in. She has so much energy exuding from her  on this event. The music she chose seems to fit her personality and her style very well.

Aside from Larisa killing the competition, the Doha Cup saw the return of Larisa's partner in crime, Diana Bulimar, who missed out on last year's worlds. She looks a little taller, a little more mature, and with her BFF by her side. She opens with a nice, high double layout, but takes a step forward. Interesting new music, a far more mature choice than her Bumble bee esque music last year. After the routine, she's seen going over to Larisa and giving her a huge hug. Nice to see these two in action again.

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