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MyKayla Skinner's Winning Floor Routine From Jesolo

Just in case you didn't remember, MyKayla Skinner is a complete bad ass.

Last weekend, MyKayla won the floor title at the Jesolo Trophy.  This floor routine solidifies her status as USA Gymnastics resident dare-devil. She opens her routine with her double double layout (Moors) and then, for her second pass, she throws a double double tuck (Silivas), she lands both with no problem.

MyKayla has made huge improvements in her execution, which makes her amazing tricks even cooler to watch. She goes so high and she's cleaned up her landings in the last few months. If she keeps this up, by the time nationals and World team selection comes around, she could find herself on the time.

The Moors and the Silivas aren't the only tricks, MyKayla has up her sleeve. As if two double twisting double flipping skills weren't enough, she throws a full in for her third pass.

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