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Refresher on the New Floor Rules

The new floor rules will go into effect this May and just in case, here is a refresher on the new floor rules.

I have also posted a video with this article to enhance the explanation and provide a visual guide (in case you're a visual learner). The point of these rules is to get the athletes to actually dance in their floor routines instead of just tumbling.

Start of tumbling- Athletes must not start their floor routine with an immediate tumbling pass. This means the athletes are to start their routine with actual dance of some sort, and "dance" does not mean starting with an arm flick, saluting and tumbling.  -0.10 of E score.

Subsequent or back to back tumbling runs are allowed, provided the athlete shows "clear" choreography in-between, an exception to this rule is a long acro line, ala Dominique Dawes in the 90's. -0.10

Athletes may not stand in the corner on two feet (ballet 6th position) more than once. -0.10

Adjustment into the corner, using simple step/s, run without arms work, or large body
movements (including all other unnecessary movements). -0.10

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